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Dress Code

On Course Dress Code

The issue of a dress code is a sensitive subject at all golf clubs. We would like our members, guests & visitors to enjoy their experience and respectfully request that golfers wear recognised golf attire.
A clean and smart appearance is expected on the course at all times.

To avoid unnecessary embarrassment, Maidenhead Golf Club request all members, guests and visitors to consider their attire against the spirit of the dress code. If you have any doubt in respect of an item of clothing or footwear adhering to the dress code, then please refrain from wearing it.

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Clubhouse Dress Code

Members, guests and visitors are required to wear smart casual clothing.
Smart jeans and trainers are allowed in all areas of the clubhouse.

The following are not acceptable:-ยท

* Flip flops
* T-shirts
* Caps or golf hats
* Wet, muddy or sweaty clothing including golf waterproofs Replica sports kit (e.g. Rugby or football shirts).
* If wearing shorts (tailored and knee length) - socks are required both on the patio and in the clubhouse.

Socks are not required with deck shoes.
Combat, cargo or multi pocket trousers/shorts are not acceptable.
In exceptional circumstances, certain elements of the dress code may be relaxed but only with permission of president, club chairman, club captain or, in their absence, a club official.