The course is open with no restrictions (updated 06 July at 10:15)

Our Professional Steve Geary is a PGA Qualified Level III instructor and offers excellent coaching to all levels of players which is conducted on grass. Although driving ranges provide the opportunity to practice, the mats do not recreate the sensation and accuracy required for the actual golf course. Learning and practicing on grass provides a realistic experience which we believe assists the pupil in their development.

Steve has an excellent reputation for his standard of instruction and is available daily although appointments are required in advance.

For those students that prefer video and additional data, iPad applications and the Foresight Sports Launch monitor is available. Please enquire if this is of interest.


Format/Duration Steve Geary
Individual – 45 Minutes £45.00 
2 Persons - 45 Minutes  £67.50
Playing Lesson – 2 Hours £90.00 
Junior – 30 Minutes £25.00 
5 Lesson Course £200.00

“The Golf Course” is a package that incorporates 3 x 45 minute individual coaching sessions followed by 90 minutes instruction on Maidenhead Golf Course. The structure for the 3 coaching sessions will be determined by the ability of the player but as a guide could be 1 session on the golf swing followed by 2 sessions on the short game (chipping, pitching, bunker play and putting). The 3 sessions will be completed over an agreed period to enable the pupil to practice. During the on course instruction advice on course management strategies and general technique will be discussed. Price: Steve Geary £200.00