In light of the Government announcement on Monday 4th January the golf course will be closed with immediate effect until further notice.
Please keep safe and well. (updated 04 January at 21:52)

Update 2nd December 2020

• The tee booking system is open to book 7 days in advance.
• Bookings in 4 balls is permitted.
• Tee time intervals will be reduced to 8 minutes (from 10 minutes) to accommodate more players due to reduced daylight.
• Initially no guests or visitors and this will be reviewed over a period of time.
Please click here for the Tier 2 restrictions relating to golf

UPDATE 4th November 2020

We have been instructed by England Golf to close the course and all the facilities from Thursday 5th November 2020 until Wednesday 2nd December 2020.
Please stay safe and we will continue to update you through this period.


MGC Guide To A Return To Golf

UPDATE – 30th May 2020

In addition to our original guide (see below) dated 11th May, following England Golf’s announcement on Friday 29th May we are delighted to inform you that the following changes have been made:

• Booking system to open for 7 days at 7.30am from tomorrow (Sunday 31st May)
This means that members will be able to book as far forward as Saturday June 6th from tomorrow.

Booking system to be set up as follows from Wednesday 3rd June;
Mon – Fri 07:30 – 09:30 – 2 ball bookings at 10 minute intervals
09:40 – 19:04 – 4 ball bookings at 12 minute intervals

Sat – Sun 07:30 – 19:06 – 4 ball bookings at 12 minute intervals

• Members will be able to book 3 times within these rolling 7 days.

• Members will be able to book a fourth tee time if there is space available after 5pm on any day. Please book this time directly with the Pro Shop but you cannot call to make that booking until after midday on the day that you would like to play. If your call is not answered please leave a message.

• If a member withdraws within 2 hours of their booked tee time or does not show then they will be prohibited from using the booking system for 7 days. The effect of this has potentially prevented another member from booking a tee time.

• If a member is playing on their own then they are permitted to have one other non playing person accompany them on the course.

• Member’s may invite a Guest/s from Monday 8th June. This will initially be restricted to tee times after 4pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and after 3pm on Sunday.
Don’t forget your 50% Off Voucher when introducing 3 Guests and Member’s Guests Loyalty Card.

• Return to competitive golf – Further details to follow from the Pro Shop with the June Medal going ahead as originally scheduled on 13th/14th June.

This will obviously now mean that more people will be arriving at the same time and on the course etc so please remember that social distancing must be observed at all times.
Please remember that these measures and procedures are under constant review and we hope to make further changes soon.

MGC Guide To A Return To Golf - 11th May 2020

This step by step guide outlines the measures and procedures that MGC will implement when we return to playing golf. Whilst the measures laid down appear to be extremely prescriptive, they -:

• Follow the “latest” advice from our governing bodies
• Seek to protect all of our staff and members whilst playing golf
• Ensure MGC remain compliant during the relaxation of social restrictions
• Provide every member an equal opportunity to play

We would respectfully request that everyone remains considerate of all others during this period, this document and any guidance that may be provided whilst you are at MGC will be delivered with the best of intention and we hope will be received as such.

These measures and procedures are under constant review and will be updated and modified as advice from government, health authorities and governing bodies evolves.

The following pages provide information in 7 stages, as directed by England Golf which must be adhered to, please read this information as it contains the specific actions that are required from our members :-

Key Points

• Social distancing must be observed at all times.
• There will be limitations on Play upon re-opening.
• Only active playing members will be allowed on the course.
• All members will be required to have a booked tee time.
• Booking will be in 2 balls at 10 minute intervals.
• The club-house and locker rooms must remain closed – Toilet facilities will be available. The on course toilet facility will be closed.
• Volunteers will be crucial in our reopening - duties will include :
• Car park monitoring.
• Practice putting green & first tee monitoring.
• Clubhouse toilets monitoring and cleaning.
• On course marshalling – monitoring pace play and pinch points on the course (i.e 6th hole), making sure social distancing is being adhered to and controlling the public from walking on the course.

If you are able to volunteer for any of the above please email

 Course Access

In the initial period following the club’s re-opening, access to the course is limited to our staff and club members. Members guests and visitors will be welcomed to the course in due time, in line with the easing of government restrictions. To access the course, a player must:
• Be an active member.
• Not be displaying COVID-19 symptoms or have not been around anyone with the illness for 14 days (to the best of your knowledge).
• Not be in self-isolation or be in the very high risk category.
• Not have been out of the country during the last 14 days.
• Have a tee reservation.

 Booking & Arrival

• Booking a tee time in advance is compulsory – via website, app, or leaving a message with the Pro Shop who will phone you back to confirm.
• Booking 5 days in advance. Bookings open from 7.30am
• Members will be limited to One Round Per Day over 18 holes and a maximum of Two rounds within any five day period that the booking system is open for.

We request those members that are able to play during the week do so as this will allow those members that are working to play at the weekend.

• All tee times are in 2 balls, every 10 minutes. Tee times are available 7.30am – 6.30pm daily.
• Golf equipment should be washed before a player leaves home.
• Golfers should travel to the club alone, or with a member of the same household.
• When parking your car ensure that you observe social distancing.
• Arrival at the course no more than 15 minutes prior to reserved tee time.
• Observe social distancing always and resist the temptation to mingle.
• Changing rooms are closed. Arrange to arrive in golf attire and change footwear at the car.
• Arrangements can be made for members to collect golfing items from their lockers and trolley garage. Once you have collected the items from your locker and trolley garage, members should keep their equipment in their car or homes to assist with social distancing. Members that have a ride on buggy stored in the garages may continue to store them there but when collecting them will be advised, at that time, the safest method to do this.
• Upon arrival report straight to the entrance of the Pro Shop who will check you in from there.

 Check-in and Pro Shop Protocol

• Mandatory check in at the entrance of the Pro Shop for all members.
• Essential golfing items will be available to purchase. If a member wishes to purchase golf equipment or accessories, orders may be submitted 24 hours in advance by email or telephone. Purchases will be placed in a carrier bag and can be collected outside the Pro Shop and paid for by contactless card payments if the amount is below £45.00. For purchases above £45.00 payment may be completed by bank transfer.
• Scorecards will not be available.
• Social golf only. There will be no competitive golf.

 Clubhouse Facilities

• The clubhouse will open at 7am and close at 6pm everyday.
• Clubhouse access is limited for access to the corridor toilets only.
• Toilets are cleaned regularly.
• Players to arrive in golf attire and change shoes at the car.

 To the First Tee

• Groups restricted to 2-balls at 10-minute intervals, equating to 12 golfers per hour.
• The practice putting green is open, limited to 4 players, with holes filled in. Players practicing must observe social distancing. Practice putting is restricted to players before their rounds only. All other practice facilities (Nets, beside 17th, beside 10th & Harvest Hill land) remain closed until further notice.
• Arrive at the 1st tee no more than 5 minutes prior to the reserved tee time.
• A ‘Social Distancing Marshall’ will patrol the car park, first tee and practice green to ensure player adherence to protocol and help avoid group gatherings.
• Social spacing signage identifies the 1st tee waiting areas.
• Tee off times strictly observed to ensure minimum 10-minute group spacing.
• Caddies are not allowed on the course. No other non-playing person/s is to accompany the 2 ball group but only in the exception of a junior who is under 12 years of age.

 On the Course

• Social distancing observed throughout, particularly on tees and greens.
• Social spacing signage identifies waiting areas on tee box approaches.
• Rubbish bins and divot bins all removed.
• Ball washers removed or covered over.
• Water fountains to be covered over.
• Bunker rakes removed, players to smooth sand with feet after their shot.
• Flagsticks to remain in the hole and must not be touched.
• Hole cups will be foam filled for contact-free ball retrieval.
• Once a hole is completed, the group in front must have exited the tee box before players can progress to the next hole.
• Do not double back to play again if a ball is lost, unplayable, or in a penalty area.
• Equipment, food, and drink must not be exchanged between players.
• Players must not pick up another player’s equipment or golf ball.
• Players must refrain from handshakes and high fives.

 Getting Home Safely

• Post-round, players must return straight to their cars and leave for home.
• Restaurant and bar will remain closed.
• Lockers or trolley garage cannot be accessed to store belongings.
• Hands may be washed and sanitised in the toilets.
• Ensure clubs and equipment are cleaned thoroughly after use.

Players must call or email the golf club with any post-round health issues or COVID-19 related symptoms, at the earliest possible opportunity.

*For the safety of everyone these rules must be adhered to. Any member seen abusing these rules will in the first instance be given a verbal warning. A repeat offence will result in a suspension from the tee booking system for 7 days.